Our Story


Founder Dave Hannum loved to walk into his CrossFit gym, take a look at the whiteboard workout of the day, and start training. Although when he saw those whiteboards he knew something else was there.  He wanted to visualize what was on the board and bring it to life, and this was the beginning of Functional Solutions.

Functional training and programming go hand in hand, so Dave began to package workout content in simple video snippets.  From here he developed a way to easily sequence these snippets into unlimited workout combinations.  This process introduced a new space, and soon the whiteboard content moved to TV, then a Mobile App, Kiosk, SMS and now its everywhere.

This discovery came at a perfect time because digital and mobile engagement with clients has become a fitness industry necessity and concurrently, a big opportunity.  Video On Demand is incredibly popular, but Functional Solutions is different.  We are picking the best parts out of the video, and allowing operators to display it in whatever order they want.  So it can be different everyday, delivering that variety members are looking for.

We also found early on the need for customization.  We created a white label platform and gave our customers the toolbox to design and deliver their own branded content using their chosen media.  So everything from the way the content is displayed, to the images chosen, workouts recorded, this can be done with the look and feel the customer wants.

Most importantly we wanted to make it simple.  Technology can be very complex and we wanted to make it simple for not only the operator but the end user as well.  It is so simple it just shows up, eliminating a lot of busy work and leaving extra time to run your business.




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