Use a QR code anywhere in your facility. 


Instead of buying into kiosk or touch screen technology let your members scan a QR code and receive a selection of on demand workouts right to their phone.  Operators have the ability to customize and change programming on their own schedule and deliver as little or as many workout combinations as they want.  This high tech low tech solution is ideal for in between classes, hotel gyms, or specialized training areas.  Display your QR code at the front desk, locker room, hotel room, or right in a training space.  Click the QR code on the right to see how it works.

Once activated a user can:

Fully customize your QR code programming using your style, images, content and brand.


Integrate an easy high tech/low tech solution for delivering workouts to your members.

Use a QR code to counteract app fatigue and deliver on demand visual programming with a click of a button.

Deliver new workout programs on a pre-set schedule by day, week or month.  The QR code will stay the same.

Easily deliver programming solutions to any area unmanned by a trainer or classes.