QR codes are making a comeback.

With faster technology speeds and increasingly sophisticated smart phones, customers are more willing to use QR code technology.

In the world of fitness, QR codes are being used to counteract app fatigue and deliver on-demand workout programming. Virtual fitness instruction has traditionally been dominated by apps and streaming services, but exercisers are tired of downloading apps and setting up accounts to start a workout. QR codes can be used to deliver on-demand workout programing with the simple click of a button.

Functional Solution customers have the ability to produce their very own QR code and display it anywhere in their facility to deliver instant customized programming.  Use a QR Code to deliver a workout of the day, or a series of workouts for your customers to choose from.  All with a click of a button.  Give it a try below!

WOD QR Solution

Kiosk QR Solution

Once activated a user can:

Fully customize your QR code programming using your style, images, content and brand.


Integrate an easy high tech/low tech solution for delivering workouts to your members.

Use a QR code to counteract app fatigue and deliver on demand visual programming with a click of a button.

Deliver new workout programs on a pre-set schedule by day, week or month.  The QR code will stay the same.

Easily deliver programming solutions to any area unmanned by a trainer or classes.