Digital Fitness Made Simple.


Engage your clients with digital fitness programming that offers intuitive design and access to the most comprehensive library of digital workouts in the industry. 

If members can’t come to you, bring your workouts to them.

Our digital solutions allow you to take custom programming used in your gym, and instantly deliver it to customers at home through a simple email link, text or even QR code. 

Show your members you are flexible and care about their access to health and wellness at home. Our virtual tools can support your efforts to stay connected with your customers and moving forward during this time of unique challenges.


Display Solution


The visual programming support you never knew you needed, and soon won’t be able to live without.

Create fully customized visual experiences in your facility with the click of a button.

No extra hardware purchases, all you need is an iPad and TV.


QR & Text Solution


With faster technology speeds and better smartphone technology, QR codes and text delivery are making a big comeback.

The fitness industry is using this technology to counteract app fatigue and instantly deliver workouts.

On-demand programming doesn’t get more simple than this.


Mobile Solution


In a digital world an app is an important extension of your brand.

Let us help you easily create a custom mobile app using your style, image and content.

Our products were developed by operators for operators so managing your app will be easy.


How it works 

Easily record and upload your personal workout video snippets, or choose from the 2000+ movements already available in our library.


Sequence these movements in anyway you want. Create a workout of the day, full programs, even tutorials for new equipment or unmanned spaces.

Pick a device and display your content. No additional hardware purchases needed. This is your style and your brand connecting with customers anywhere.

“We taught a group of our trainers to use the Functional Solutions platform in 5 minutes and they successfully ran a class with it. This showed how powerful the tool is.”

– Leigh Wierchs, Life Fitness Trainer


” I can’t empahasize enough how valuable this solution is for our members and coaches. Our coaches are now able to juggle multiple responsibilities with ease, and it serves as an additional resource for our members.”

– Robin Cortez, Chuze Fitness


“Knowing where we are today as a company and where we are going, we need a partner who can grow and adapt with us. I can get on a call with Dave and he sees our growth and understands our evolution.  That is a game changer.”

– Amy Nielsen, Co-Founder of SPENGA

“We think Functional Solutions is the future of not just our gyms, but you will see something like this in the design of all future gyms.”

– Mark Steinfield, Gold’s Gym


“Our programs stay on the TV all day, this way members have a chance to look up at the TV’s and preview what they will do in our classes. It’s almost like having a virtual assistant for your trainer.”

– Kellee Hogan, SoCal Bootcamp Fitness Director

“Functional Solutions helped me create my own fitness app so I was able to open up training vitrually to clients and expand my reach. Since then, I am truly not sure how I got by without this platform as it has become a business of it’s own.”

– Jourdan Baldwin, Gym Quickies


Why choose our platform? 


Your Brand Your Way

Our platform allows you to fully incorporate your content, style and brand into every customer experience.


We Listen

We enjoy growing with our customers, all feedback and requests are taken into consideration with every platform update. 


It's Really Simple

We understand technology  can be complicated, that is why simplicity is intertwined in everything we do.


Fitness Is Digital

You can’t run from the new digital fitness era. Our platform was developed by operators, for operators, we can be your guide. 


Still have questions? We would be happy to talk with you about our digital solutions!




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