Building Your YMCA Community With Digital Fitness



Building a sense of community is an important goal for any health club, but for the YMCA it is a founding principle. Today, there is a constant temptation for individuals to disappear into their own digital worlds. YMCAs must figure out how to incorporate technology in a meaningful way that supports and enhances the community values that the organization is known for.

It’s true that some types of technology can isolate members from one another, however a good digital fitness platform will connect members and foster a sense of community, purpose and excitement within your YMCA. Here are some ways to leverage digital fitness technology to create a stronger sense of community:

  1. Personalize Your Digital Programming Platform. When you select a digital fitness platform, make sure it is one that can be tailored to your specific facility. The Functional Solutions platform is a white label platform that can be tailored to match your facility and brand. Use your own logo, create your own messaging and personalize the content, so your members will feel surrounded by digital tools that promote a community feel that was created just for them.
  2. Engage Your Trainers in Content Creation. The Functional Solutions platform allows your trainers to record their own moves and workouts and use those videos in your digital on-demand programming catalog. That way, your members will always be working out with a familiar face and your trainers can better serve more clients in less time.
  3. Create Community Challenges. Use a digital fitness platform to create motivational challenges that engage your entire community. Functional Solutions allows you to display leaderboards, goals and progress on digital screens throughout your facility. Set goals and display stats over time or set up a single session challenge and broadcast heart rates to motivate members to strive for their best. There are endless options for community connection, whether your members are charging toward common goal or engaging in a motivational competition.

The balance between keeping your facility technologically current and maintaining a commitment to long-standing principals is a delicate one. The best way to bridge this divide is to educate yourself on digital fitness platforms and choose one with features that align with the core values of your YMCA. Functional Solutions is designed to make digital fitness simple. We promote your messaging under your brand and give you the flexibility to use your own trainers to bring together the members of your YMCA community.   

July 17th 2019