At a Glance
Sarah Fox and Jourdan Baldwin are Certified Personal Trainers with over 15 years of consecutive experience in the Health and Fitness Industry. They were hosting large and small group training in Denver Colorado when demand for take home workouts, travel workouts, and training out of the area began to increase.

They decided they only had enough time in the day to take care of so many clients. They wanted to work smarter, not harder, and maximize the amount of money they were making per hour and stay competitive in their industry.

Sarah and Jourdan were introduced to Functional Solutions as a unique way to deliver their content on a larger scale, to more people, anytime and anywhere through a fully customized mobile app.

Using Functional Solutions software, they created the Fresh Fitness App as a free download to engage existing and new clients. They uploaded daily workouts to keep users engaged and produce results. Soon they began to monetize their business by charging for upgrades within the app, including personally customized training plans and group follow along programs.

Now Fresh Fitness is able to put their style and content out into the world in new and innovative ways! Since partnering with Functional Solutions they have been exposed to new business and clients they were not able to reach before.