At a Glance

Mark Steinberg is a seasoned gym owner and consultant within the fitness industry.  He currently owns and operates two Gold’s Gym franchises in New Jersey including Gold’s Gym Long Branch and Howell.

Mark identified that these days, gym members are looking for more support and better member services.  To fill this need, Mark partnered with Functional Solutions and integrated the entire platform in his Long Branch location including the Mobile App, TV/Display and Kiosk/SMS.

Using the FS Mobile App he offers free workouts to members, an easy way to stay connected even after they have left the gym.  Mark has also introduced a Premium Workout Subscription option through his mobile app to offer another level of service to these customers, and in turn, create a new source of revenue for his facility.

The FS TV/Display solution is used in multiple ways throughout Long Branch.  Displays are used to direct Fight Club Classes, or outside of class hours and in the Functional Training area, displays are used to illustrate the workout of the day and create interest and direction for members.

Mark has also partnered with Focusmaster to create unique programing for a new boxing area.  He will use the FS Kiosk/SMS solution to display and facilitate workouts at each boxing station.

Mark notes “the sky is the limit” with Functional Solutions and we look forward to seeing the things Mark will continue to do with our platform.