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QR & Text Solution


Functional Solutions customers have the ability to produce their very own QR code and display it anywhere in their facility to deliver instant customized workouts to a member’s mobile device.

QR codes not your thing? Then you can use our equally simple text option. Text a code of your choice to a generated number and the same workout program will be delivered.

Give it a try now! Text WORKOUT to 844-947-5896 and see an example of how it works.



An effortless way to add digital fitness to your business model. Members can click a button or text a code and workouts are instantly sent to their phones. 


Create your own QR code to deliver a workout of the day or a series of options to choose from.


Deliver new workout programs on a pre-set schedule by day, week or month. The QR code will stay the same.


Fully customize your QR code using your style images, content and brand.


Connect with Millenials through text option.


Easily deliver programming solutions to any area unmanned by a trainer or class.


Loop programming to play for unmanned areas.

Scan our sample workout of the day QR code or click the button below to view.


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